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Rebel, The (Call Me Genius) (1961)

During the day Tony is trapped in the drudgery of a nine-to-five office job at United International Transatlantic Consolidated Amalgamation Ltd.

But at night he imagines himself an artist with great talent and vision – although his landlady Mrs Crevatte (Irene Handl on top form) regards all of his efforts as a load of miscellaneous rubbish.


When Tony decides to quit his job and move to France he falls in with a group of artists who admire the “childlike” quality to his work.

But when he passes another artist’s work off as his own – and is signed by a major agent – the trouble really begins.

Hancock ruthlessly lampoons the pretentious artistic beatnik set and makes fun of his own inability to paint, drifting between lies and truth while carving out a reputation for himself among the Parisian avant-garde.

Watch out for a cameo by Oliver Reed as one of a group of artists arguing drunkenly about what constitutes art in a Parisien cafe.


Anthony Hancock
Tony Hancock
Sir Charles Brewer
George Sanders
Paul Ashby
Paul Massie
Margot Carreras
Margit Saad
Aristotle Carreras
Grégoire Aslan
Jim Smith
Dennis Price
Mrs Crevatte
Irene Handl
Office Manager
John Le Mesurier
Liz Fraser
Nanette Newman
Madame Laurent
Marie Burke