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Right Approach, The (1961)

The story of five fun-loving young bachelors who live together in “The Hut” – a converted Hawaiian restaurant in the Hollywood Hills.

Newcomer Leo Mack (Frankie Vaughan) is a young Hollywood hopeful who stirs up trouble when he arrives, using his brother Mitch (Steve Harris) and their roommates – med student Bill (David McLean), aspiring set designer Horace (Robert Casper), jazz musician Rip (Bing Crosby’s son, Gary) and I-have-absolutely-no-idea-what-he-does, ‘Granny’ (Paul von Schreiber) – and anyone else he can as stepping stones in his climb to fame and fortune as a singing and acting star.

Vaughn wastes no time in moving in on Ursula (Juliet Prowse) – the girlfriend of one of the guys and a hard-edged waitress at Sonny’s Drive-In – only to throw her over for Anne (Martha Hyer), a journalist he hopes will help his career.

Most of the players walk through their parts like somnambulists and the part of Leo is a strange role for the British singer, who plays his part like a cartoon villain complete with shifty eyes and Cheshire cat grin.

The script too often betrays its stage origins in its slow, deliberate pace and most of the plot twists are pure soap opera.

Leo Mack
Frankie Vaughan
Anne Perry
Martha Hyer
Ursula Poe
Juliet Prowse
Rip Hulett
Gary Crosby
Bill Sikulovic
David McLean
Brian Freer
Jesse White
Liz Fargo
Jane Withers
Rachel Stephens
Mitch Mack
Steve Harris
Paul von Schreiber
Horace Wetheridge Tobey III
Robert Casper
Nightclub Band
The Kirby Stone Four

David Butler