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That Riviera Touch (1966)

This terrific sixties comedy starring legendary British comedy duo, Morecambe and Wise begins when traffic wardens Eric and Ernie decide to take a “holiday” to the South Of France in their vintage car after a mix-up with a member of the Royal Family – they give the Queen’s limo a ticket for having no number plates or tax disc and being parked on a yellow line.

Our heroes then find themselves caught up in the plot of Le Pirate (Paul Stassino) who has stolen a collection of valuable jewels and plans to use Eric and Ernie to smuggle the collection out of France.

He lures them to an old villa filled with traps and uses Claudette (Suzanne Lloyd), another member of the gang, to keep Eric and Ernie busy. However, other jewel thieves are after the jewels and Eric continues to find dead body after dead body in the villa which then disappear.

Eric Simpson
Eric Morecambe
Ernest Clarke
Ernie Wise
Suzanne Lloyd
Le Pirate
Paul Stassino
Clive Cazes
Paul Danquah
George Eugeniou
Michael Forrest
Peter Jeffrey
Gerald Lawson
Inspector Duval
Armand Mestral
George Pastell
Steven Scott

Cliff Owen