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Roustabout (1964)

Charlie Rogers (Presley) is a leather-clad carnival singer, general handyman, embittered orphan and karate expert (with a very large motorcycle) who leaves during a lull in business, but returns for the love of the carnival owner’s daughter, Cathy (Joan Freeman) in one of the best Elvis outings.


Elvis Presley films are basically unashamed fluff, containing songs and girls with curiously pointed breasts, but the proceedings are dignified here by Barbara Stanwyck’s participation as Maggie Morgan, the operator of the carnival.

Presley’s fists fly in a coffeehouse and again when he attracts the attention of a sleazy rival, but still finds time to sing Hard KnocksOne Track Heart, It’s a Wonderful World and Big Love, Big Heartache.

Raquel Welch makes her screen debut in Roustabout in a bit part as a college girl.

Charlie Rogers
Elvis Presley
Maggie Morgan
Barbara Stanwyck
Cathy Lean
Joan Freeman
Joe Lean
Leif Erickson
Madame Mijanou
Sue Ane Langdon
Harry Carver
Pat Buttram
Joan Staley
College girl
Raquel Welch

John Rich