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Run a Crooked Mile (1969)

Richard Stuart (Louis Jordan), who teaches French at a London school, is involved in a hit-and-run accident and chases a Rolls Royce to a secluded mansion where he witnesses a group of men hatching a plot involving the world’s gold supplies and an argument in which a man is killed.

When he reports the event, there is no evidence of the murder, or indeed that anyone was at the mansion at all.

Stuart finds a key on the floor but is struck from behind and wakes up in a hospital after a polo accident to find he’s had amnesia for two years, is now married (and called Tony Sutton), and living in Switzerland.

This complicated, intriguing film from Universal was distributed straight to television.

Richard Stuart/Tony Sutton
Louis Jourdan
Elizabeth Sutton
Mary Tyler Moore
Dr Ralph Sawyer
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Peter Martin
Terence Alexander
Inspector Huntington
Ronald Howard
Stanley Holloway
Lord Dunnsfield
Laurence Naismith
Sergeant Hooper
Norman Bird
Sir Howard Nettleton
Alexander Knox
Ernest Clark
Miss Abernathy
Nora Nicholson
Sister Teresa
Jean Anderson
Mrs Doyle
Elspeth March

Gene Levitt