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Run For Your Wife (1965)

Typical of the wild, sexy comedy spoofs of the mid-60s, Run For Your Wife starred Juliet Prowse and Rhonda Fleming.


Riccardo (Ugo Tognazzi), an unhappily married middle-aged Italian working for a shoe factory, goes to America on a four-day business trip.

In New York City he meets his old friend Carlo (Carlo Mazzone) who now has a big American car and house. He explains that he married a rich American woman and suggests Ricardo should do the same.

And so Ricardo sets off across the country to find a rich American woman to marry in a hurry – he only has four days.

After exhaustive research, he meets the ideal girl – but unfortunately, she is desired by a former husband. Defeated, Riccardo returns to Italy where an unhappy fate awaits him – his wife!

Released in some markets as Wife-Shopping Italian Style.

Riccardo Vanzi
Ugo Tognazzi
Rhonda Fleming
Juliet Prowse
Marina Vlady
Carlo Mazzone
Sharon Obeck

Gian Luigi Polidoro