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Salt and Pepper (1968)

After discovering the body of murdered female Chinese agent Mai Ling (Jeanne Roland) in their trendy Soho (London) nightclub, groovy owners Charles Salt (Sammy Davis Jr) and Christopher Pepper (Peter Lawford) partake in a fumbling investigation and uncover an evil plot to overthrow the government.

Despite continual interference from the law, the duo manages to uncover a plot to take over the country using stolen nuclear submarine, HMS Hercules.

Davis and Lawford are backed by an excellent British cast including Michael Bates as the incompetent Inspector Crabbe, Ernest Clark as Colonel Balsam, and John LeMesurier as eyepatch-wearing villain Colonel Woodstock.

Some of the action is surprisingly violent for a lightweight comedy. A sequel, One More Time (1970) – directed by comedian Jerry Lewis – was an unmitigated disaster.

Charles Salt
Sammy Davis Jr
Christopher Pepper
Peter Lawford
Inspector Crabbe
Michael Bates
Marianne Renaud
Ilona Rodgers
Colonel Woodstock
John Le Mesurier
Sgt. Walters
Graham Stark
Colonel Balsom
Ernest Clark
Mai Ling
Jeanne Roland
Club secretary
Robert Dorning
Robertson Hare
Foreign Secretary
Geoffrey Lumsden
Prime Minister
William Mervyn
Fake Prime Minister
Llewellyn Rees
Fake Home Secretary
Mark Singleton
Tsai Chan
Francesca Tu
Oliver MacGreevy
Peter Hutchins
Lord Ponsonby
Jeremy Lloyd
Police Commissioner
Ivor Dean
Beth Rogan
Rifat Shenel
Calvin Lockhart
Susan Blair
Christine Pockett
Cassandra Mowan

Richard Donner