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Sandwich Man, The (1966)

Mild-mannered widower Horace Quilby (Michael Bentine) is a ‘Sandwich Man’ who carries a sandwich-board on behalf of Finklebaum and O’Casey – dealers in ‘misfit clothing’ – and is a resplendent sight in his top hat and tails as he walks the London streets.

He is also secretary of the Sandwichmen’s Brotherhood. But his real interest in life is pigeon racing, and today is no ordinary day for Horace, as Esmerelda, his cherished racing pigeon, is taking part in the race of her life from Bordeaux to London.

In the course of the day, he comes across some strange characters and situations, while his neighbour, Mrs de Vere (Dora Bryan), keeps him up to date on the progress of Esmerelda.

The main story thread sees Quilby reunite Sue (Suzy Kendall), a young model, with Steven (David Buck), her errant boyfriend.

This virtually silent movie is a wonderful, lovable film full of gentle comedy and joyous optimism, featuring ex-Goon Bentine in perhaps his best role.


The all-star cast – including Diana Dors, Terry-Thomas, Bernard Cribbins, Harry H Corbett, Stanley Holloway, Ian Hendry, Norman Wisdom and Warren Mitchell – provides ample opportunity for a game of ‘Spot the Celebrity’.

Horace Quilby
Michael Bentine
Mrs de Vere
Dora Bryan
Lord Uffingham
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Father O’Malley
Norman Wisdom
Suzy Kendall
David Buck
Gypsy Syd
Warren Mitchell
Stage doorkeeper
Harry H Corbett
Bernard Cribbins
Stanley Holloway
Billingsgate woman 1
Diana Dors
Billingsgate woman 2
Anna Quayle
Sewer man
Michael Medwin
Ron Moody
Motorcyle cop
Ian Hendry
Alfie Bass
Religious Sandwich man
John Le Mesurier
Peter Jones
Gyspy Sid
Warren Mitchell
John Junkin
Ice Cream Man
Burt Kwouk
James Bolam
Girl in Crowd
Valerie Leon

Robert Hartford-Davis