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Seance on a Wet Afternoon (1964)

Myra (Kim Stanley) and Bill (Richard Attenborough in a prosthetic nose) Savage are a married couple living in London.

Myra is a medium who holds weekly séances for a regular group of customers, while weak-willed Billy supports her in these ventures, as he does not otherwise work, due to his asthma. Myra’s spirit guide is their stillborn son, “Arthur”.

Myra devises a scheme to raise her public profile and fame as a medium: kidnap Amanda Clayton (Judith Donner), the young daughter of a wealthy couple (Mark Eden and Nanette Newman) and provide information to the Claytons and the police of the whereabouts of Amanda and the ransom money using her “psychic powers”.

Myra and Billy view this scheme as a victimless crime – if a crime at all – as they are just “borrowing” Amanda and don’t plan to harm her, and they are returning the ransom.

Attenborough gives a nuanced performance as chronic asthmatic Billy, the unfulfilled husband who kidnaps a child at the behest of his unstable wife.

Myra Savage
Kim Stanley
Bill Savage
Richard Attenborough
Mrs Wintry
Marian Spencer
Mr Clayton
Mark Eden
Mrs Clayton
Nanette Newman
Mr Clayton’s Secretary
Diana Lambert
Mrs Clayton’s Chauffeur
Godfrey James
Amanda Clayton
Judith Donner
Maid at Clayton’s
Hajni Biro
Women at First Seance
Margaret Lacey
Marie Burke
Maria Kazan
Man at Seances
Lionel Gamlin
Policeman Outside Clayton’s
Ronald Hines

Bryan Forbes