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Sergeant Dead Head (1965)

At a US Air Force base (Aero Space Division), young, clumsy Sergeant O.K. Deadhead (Frankie Avalon) is sent to the guardhouse after causing some mischief with an exploding toy missile.

His imprisonment delays his weekend wedding to WAF girlfriend Lucy (Deborah Walley) who also resides on the base in barracks occupied by a bevvy of leggy beauties.

When Deadhead requests to see General Rufus Fogg (Fred Clark) in his office, he accidentally presses a panic button, resulting in even longer jail time for the bumbling airman.

But with the help of an exploding ballpoint pen, Deadhead escapes confinement, sneaking into a rocket for refuge and a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, the rocket is about to be launched into orbit manned by a solitary monkey (“Project Moon Monkey”).

When the top brass (and the President) learn that Deadhead is aboard, they execute a cover story, making it appear that he volunteered to co-pilot the ship with his simian comrade, and when he returns, he will be hailed as a hero and his wedding will proceed with their blessings.

Deadhead returns home safely, but something has occurred in space that has transformed the sweet shy guy into a cocky, arrogant woman chaser. Unable to deal with his obnoxious nature, the Air Force place Deadhead in solitary confinement and replace him with an exact look-alike double called Sergeant Donovan (also Avalon, obviously).

Confusion abounds when Deadhead escapes on the day of Lucy’s wedding (to imposter Donovan) and barges in on their honeymoon.

Eve Arden (pictured at left) plays a lieutenant who’s smitten with the General; Gale Gordon, Cesar Romero and Reginald Gardiner are the other Air Force commanders; and Pat Buttram plays the President.

Familiar Beach movie faces include “Eric Von Zipper” himself, Harvey Lembeck, and John Ashley (as Deadhead’s guardhouse cellmates). Meanwhile, Mike Nader, Bobbi Shaw and Donna Loren sing several songs (as do Avalon and Walley).

This American International Pictures (AIP) production is from the director of Dr Goldfoot and The Bikini Machine, Norman Taurog.

Sergeant O.K. Deadhead/Sergeant Donovan
Frankie Avalon
Airman Lucy Turner
Deborah Walley
Admiral Stoneham
Cesar Romero
General Rufus Fogg
Fred Clark
Captain Weiskopf
Gale Gordon
Airman McEvoy
Harvey Lembeck
Airman Filroy
John Ashley
Airman Blinken
Buster Keaton
Lt. Comm. Talbot
Reginald Gardiner
Pat Buttram
Lt. Charlotte Kinsey
Eve Arden
Tuba Player
Romo Vincent
Donna Loren
Air Policeman
Mike Nader
Lt. Dixon
Edward Faulkner
Sgt. Keeler
Tod Windsor
Patti Chandler
Luree Holmes
Sue Ellen
Salli Sachse
Bobbi Shaw
Sue Hamilton
Jo Collins
Mary Hughes
Astrid De Brea
Jean Ingram
Peggy Ward
Stephanie Nader
Lyzanne La Due
Janice Levinson
Alberta Nelson
Dwayne Hickman

Norman Taurog