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Singer Not the Song, The (1961)

The Singer Not The Song is set during the 1950s in a small isolated Mexican village.

Local Roman Catholic priest Father Gomez (Leslie French) is a terrified older man with a broken spirit. During his time in the village of Quantano, he has fought hard to keep his flock of parishioners, in spite of threats and intimidation from local bandit Anacleto Comachi (Dirk Bogarde) and his men.

Leather-clad Comachi has imposed his tyrannical rule over the region for many years but the local Police can never find any witnesses to come forward and testify to any wrongdoing, so he goes unchallenged and unpunished.

The church replaces Father Gomez with the younger, more energetic Irish priest, Father  Michael Keogh (John Mills).

The departing Gomez warns Father Keogh of the dangers of defying Anacleto Comachi’s authority but Father Keogh administers his daily priestly duties at the village church, openly defying the bandit and engaging him in a battle of wills which ultimately results in a final gunfight showdown.

Anacleto Comachi
Dirk Bogarde
Father Michael Keogh
John Mills
Locha de Cortinez
Mylène Demongeot
Old Uncle
Laurence Naismith
Police Captain
John Bentley
Father Gomez
Leslie French
Eric Pohlmann
Norman Florence
Pedro de Cortinez
Roger Delgado
Phil Brown
Philip Gilbert
Selma Vaz Dias
Laurence Payne
Dona Marian
Jacqueline Evans
Lee Montague
Serafina Di Leo

Roy Ward Baker