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Ski Fever (1966)

An Austrian-Yugoslavian attempt at a frothy Beach Party-style ski movie with music and songs by AIP’s Hemric and Styner duo who did the music for the beach party films

Brian Davis (Martin Milner) is an American music student studying at a European university and teaching skiing at an Austrian resort to pay for his studies.

Max, the lodge manager, stipulates in the instructors’ contracts that they must entertain the female guests during the evenings.

The employees have wired a bed in one of the guest rooms to a pinball machine, and whenever one of the group tries to seduce a young lady in the room, the others place bets on the amount of time that will elapse before the machine registers a “tilt”.

Californian Susan Halsey (Claudia Martin, daughter of Dean) arrives at the lodge and becomes the subject of the game.

Brian, who has not joined in the competition, falls in love with her. He and head instructor Toni Brandt (Dietmar Schönherr) wager their season’s pay on who will win her affections.

Susan, repelled by Brian’s aggressive attitude, becomes attracted to Toni, but eventually learns of the game and discovers that Toni is merely interested in winning the bet. Brian and Toni agree on a ski jumping contest to determine the winner.

Brian competes using inferior equipment and is injured when he jumps. Susan becomes convinced of his sincerity and realises that she loves him.

The movie was not released in the USA until 1969 when Allied Artists released it on the drive-in circuit.

Susan Halsey
Claudia Martin
Brian Davis
Martin Milner
Franz Gruber
Toni Sailer
Karen Sloan
Vivi Bach
Toni Brandt
Dietmar Schönherr
Kurt Großkurth
Dorit Dom
Curt Bock

Curt Siodmak