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Smashing Time (1967)

Smashing Time is the ultimate Mod fairy tale with Yvonne (Lynn Redgrave) and Brenda  (Rita Tushingham) as a pair of gawky northern girls navigating a candy-coloured whirl of London go-go clubs, boutiques and swinging parties with the help of photographer Tom Wabe (Michael York).

In no time at all, Yvonne has become a tone-deaf pop star (dig the Andrew Loog Oldham-clone who signs her up) while waif-like Brenda becomes a top model, and the new “Face of the 60s.”

The pair go their separate ways and battle it out at all kinds of swinging parties, groovy boutiques and happening hangouts before they meet up again at a party given in Yvonne’s honour at the Post Office Tower.

They decide they’ve had enough of the hip lifestyle and agree to head back up north together.

The film obviously wanted to show how fast the new fads and faces were coming and going during this frenetic period and has the girls eventually turning their backs on the Mod scene and returning home to the country.

Written for the screen by Liverpudlian author and jazz singer George Melly – London was never so swinging!

Lynn Redgrave
Rita Tushingham
Tom Wabe
Michael York 
Charlotte Brillig

Anna Quayle
Mrs Gimbel

Irene Handl
Bobby Mome-Rath

Ian Carmichael
Jeremy Tove

Jeremy Lloyd

Desmond Davis