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Some Like It Sexy (1969)

Zooming around 1969’s Swinging London in his E-type Jaguar, Peter (Christopher Matthews) is an arrogant and cocky fashion-conscious womaniser who picks up a variety of dolly birds of all ages, nationalities, colours and shapes – slipping from conquest to conquest without a hint of plot.

It’s basically Alfie with more sex, less story and a half-decent soundtrack (oh, and an incestuous lesbian scene from super-hot twins Mary and Madeleine Collinson).

Also known in the US as Seducer, it’s really only one for the sexploitation genre connoisseurs.

Christopher Matthews
Mrs Beaufort-Smith
Yolande Turner
Annabel Leventon
Valerie St. Helene
Penny Riley
Erika Bergmann
Miss Beaufort-Smith
Madeline Smith
Twin in white dress
Mary Collinson
Twin in black dress
Madeleine Collinson
Jenny (Salvation Army officer)
Nicola Pagett

Donovan Winter