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Sorcerers, The (1967)

Professor Monserrat (Boris Karloff), having lived for years in poverty through the ridicule bestowed on his ideas of controlling minds through hypnosis, is urged by his wife, Estelle (Catherine Lacey), to continue his experiments.

The Professor lures a bored youth named Mike Roscoe (Ian Ogilvy) back to the flat one evening with the intention of carrying out his experiments.


Mike leaves the following morning with no recollection of what occurred the night before, but Monserrat and Estelle can now control his actions by thought control. They find that they also share Mike’s sensations.

The Professor wants to use his discovery to help the elderly relive their youth but Estelle, tired of poverty, persuades her husband to will Mike to steal a fur coat. Monserrat finds that he enjoyed the thrill of the experience and allows Estelle to move on to other experiences.

However, when Estelle wills Mike to beat up his best friend, the professor realises that his experiments have gone too far, but Estelle’s will is stronger than his own and he is powerless to prevent her willing Mike into committing murder.

With the police on Mike’s trail, he steals a car, but Monserrat, summoning the willpower, causes the car to crash. As the car bursts into flames, both the Professor and his wife burn to death along with Mike.

Professor Marcus Monserrat
Boris Karloff
Estelle Monserrat
Catherine Lacey
Elizabeth Ercy
Mike Roscoe
Ian Ogilvy
Victor Henry
Laura Ladd
Dani Sheridan
Alf Joint
Audrey Woods
Susan George
Inspector Matalon
Ivor Dean

Michael Reeves