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Space Thing (1968)

This low-budget z-grade softcore porn sci-fi effort sees nerdy hairy-backed James Granilla (Steve Vincent) too caught up in his sci-fi comics to pay much attention to his beautiful and horny wife.

In his dreams, it’s 2069 and James becomes Colonel Granilla – a Planetarian in human disguise – who infiltrates the Terranian space ship SS Supreme Erection commanded by busty Captain Mother (Cara Peters), whose crew consists almost entirely of scantily-clad females.

His mission is to prevent the Terranians from reaching Planetaria.

The female crew all have the hots for Granilla, much to the consternation of the feisty whip-wielding lesbian Captain Mother.

As Producer David F Friedman noted at the time, Space Thing makes Plan 9 From Outer Space look like Academy Award material.

The film was obviously shot on a shoestring budget but the ultra-cheap sets don’t detract from the beautiful women and non-stop nudity.

Karla Conway (April Playmate)
James Granilla 
Steve Vincent (Bart Black)
Merci Montello (Mercy Mee)
Dan Martin (Ronnie Runningboard)
Astrid/Credits Girl
Fancher Fague
Captain Mother
Cara Peters (Legs Benedict)
Stan Isfloride

Byron Mabe (B. Ron Elliott)