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Speedway (1968)

Racing driver Steve Grayson (Presley) owes a debt to the US government of $145,000 and is pursued by attractive tax inspector Susan Jack (Nancy Sinatra).

Steve decides that the only way to pay the bill is to win the Charlotte 500 race and he enters, determined to triumph and win the heart of IRS agent Susan in the process.

Recently wed to Priscilla Beaulieu, the pre-Comeback rock ‘n’ roll king seems to be going through the motions and the songs sound as though very old men had written them.

There was certainly little here to interest youngsters in 1968 and the film was released on the second half of a double bill with a Man from UNCLE adventure.


Steve Grayson
Elvis Presley
Susan Jacks
Nancy Sinatra
Kenny Donford
Bill Bixby
RW Hepworth
Gale Gordon
Abel Esterlake
William Schallert
Ellie Esterlake
Victoria Meyerink
Paul Dado
Ross Hagen
Birdie Kebner
Carl Ballantine

Norman Taurog