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Spinout (1966)

Freewheeling rock singer and racing driver Mike McCoy (Elvis Presley) loves living a carefree swinging bachelor life but has three beautiful women competing to get him down the aisle.

Cynthia Foxhugh (Shelly Fabares) is a spoiled rich kid used to getting her own way whose millionaire father, Howard (Carl Betz), wants Presley to drive his new Fox Five racing car; Les (Deborah Walley) is his tomboy drummer and gourmet cook who believes her musical inclinations may win McCoy’s heart, and Diana (Diane McBain) is a man-hungry bestselling author who is researching a book on the all-American male.


She believes she has found him, but McCoy’s determination to drive an experimental new car in a race poses a danger to the plans of all three women.

In the end, McCoy manages to marry them all off to different paramours and falls himself for his replacement drummer Susan (Dodie Marshall).

The 12-song album of the same title contained a musical curiosity, a version of Bob Dylan‘s Tomorrow Is A Long Time. It was the only Dylan song ever recorded by Presley.

The movie was released as California Holiday in some markets.


Mike McCoy
Elvis Presley
Cynthia Foxhugh
Shelley Fabares
Diana St Clair
Diane McBain
Dodie Marshall
Deborah Walley
Jack Mullaney
Jimmy Hawkins
Howard Foxhugh
Carl Betz
Lt Tracy Richards
Will Hutchins
Philip Short
Warren Berlinger

Norman Taurog