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Spy with My Face, The (1965)

The Man from UNCLE was such a cult hit in the UK that the seven movie spin-offs were made almost exclusively with the British box office in mind.

In this second film in the series (an extended version of ‘The Double Affair’ TV episode) Robert Vaughn’s Napoleon Solo is sent to deal with a devilish doppelganger.

As always, David McCallum provides dependable support as Illya Kuryakin, while Senta Berger is the naughty Napoleon’s partner in crime.

Enjoyable tongue-in-cheek spy adventure successfully translating the spirit of the Sixties TV series to a lengthier format.


Napoleon Solo
Robert Vaughn
Illya Kuryakin
David McCallum
Senta Berger
Alexander Waverly
Leo G Carroll
Darius Two
Michael Evens
Sandy Wister
Sharon Farrell
Arsena Coria
Fabrizio Mioni

John Newland