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St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, The (1967)

Schlockmeister Roger Corman produced this graphically violent chronicle of the Chicago gangster wars of the 1920s and the events that lead to the bloody title showdown between rival mobsters Al Capone (Jason Robards) and Bugs Moran (Ralph Meeker) that marked a brutal end to a terrifying era.

It’s the most authentic documentary-style account – complete with narration giving precise time and location details – of the Chicago gang wars that led to the infamous 1929 massacre when Al Capone’s men dressed as policemen and gunned down the rival gang.

Al Capone
Jason Robards
Peter Gusenberg
George Segal
George “Bugs” Moran
Ralph Meeker
Myrtle Nelson
Jean Hale
“Machinegun Jack” McGurn
Clint Ritchie
Nicholas Sorello
Frank Silvera
Al Weinshank
Joseph Campanella
John Scalise
Richard Bakalyan
Frank Gusenberg
David Canary
John May
Bruce Dern
Jack Nicholson

Roger Corman