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Sterile Cuckoo, The (1969) (Pookie)

Liza Minnelli gives a striking performance as Pookie Adams – a kooky lonely college student who expresses her insecurity by making enemies every time she opens her mouth –  in her first encounter with love.

While she and quiet studious biology student Jerry Payne (screen newcomer Wendell Burton) initially think their devotion is everlasting, maturity and ambition make them realise they are not really for each other.


Minnelli and Burton are more than convincing as a couple disillusioned with life. Tim McIntire co-stars as Jerry’s dormitory roommate.

This very realistic and heartbreaking love story received two Oscar nominations, one for Minnelli (Best Actress) and one for Fred Karlin and Dory Previn for their song, Come Saturday Morning.

The film was shot on location on the campus at the historic Hamilton College in the peaceful rolling hills of upstate New York. Released in some markets as Pookie.

Pookie Adams
Liza Minnelli
Jerry Payne
Wendell Burton
Charlie Schumacher
Tim McIntire

Alan J Pakula