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Strangler, The (1964)

A psychological thriller about an overweight paranoid schizophrenic lab technician with low self-esteem brought on by his dominant mother, who becomes a serial killer of female nurses.

His fetish for dolls ultimately betrays him to the police as he is going to murder his 11th victim.

Leo Kroll
Victor Buono
Lt Frank Benson
David Mclean
Barbara Wells
Diane Sayer
Tally Raymond
Davey Davison
Sergeant Mack Clyde
Baynes Barron
Mrs Kroll
Ellen Corby
Detective Mel Posner
Michael Ryan
Dr Sanford
Russ Bender
Clara Thomas
Jeanne Bates
Wally Campo
Mimi Dillard
Dr Morton
Byron Morrow
Jack Rosten
Robert Cranford
Helen Lawson
Selette Cole

Burt Topper