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Sunday in New York (1963)

Before she became a great star and Academy Award winner, Jane Fonda was a screen ingenue who sent a string of bubbly romantic comedies soaring, including this charmer from the prolific pen of Norman Krasna.

Fonda portrays Eileen Tyler – a virginal 22-year-old blessed with long limbs and a knockout profile – who breaks up with her fiancé, Russ Wilson (Robert Culp) and runs to the swingin’ pad of her airline pilot brother, Adam (Cliff Robertson) for advice and support – and then into the arms of Mike Mitchell (Rod Taylor), a guy she meets on the Fifth Avenue bus.

All the while she’s trying to decide if she’ll say “yes” before she says “I do”.

Filmed on location, Sunday in New York is a fun, sophisticated romp set to a hip Peter Nero score that features Mel Tormé singing the title tune.

Eileen Tyler
Jane Fonda
Mike Mitchell
Rod Taylor
Adam Tyler
Cliff Robertson
Russ Wilson
Robert Culp
Mona Harris
Jo Morrow
Chief Pilot Drysdale
Jim Backus
Peter Nero 

Peter Tewksbury