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Sweet Ride, The (1968)

sweetride4Ageing tennis hustler Collie Ransom (Tony Franciosa), young surfer Denny McGuire (Michael Sarrazin), and young musician Choo-Choo Burns (Bob Denver) live the beach bum life at Malibu with little to do except watch young starlet Vickie Cartwright (Jacqueline Bisset) emerge topless from the ocean waves.


Denny falls for Vickie. Vickie is beaten up by her possessive producer/lover/sugar daddy after she has revenge sex with a motorcycle gang leader. The motorcycle gang leader is in turn beaten up by Collie and Denny.

It somewhat disrupts everybody’s lives and that, more or less, forms the plot. Califonia’s Malibu area and Miss Bisset are shown to advantage.

Music is provided by Dusty Springfield and Moby Grape.

Collie Ransom
sweetride8Tony Franciosa
Denny McGuire
Michael Sarrazin
Vickie Cartwright
Jacqueline Bisset
Choo-Choo Burns
Bob Denver
Bill Cartwright
Michael Wilding
Thumper Stevens
Michele Carey
Lara Lindsay
sweetride9Mrs Cartwright
Norma Crane
Lieutenant Harvey Atkins
Percy Rodriguez
Brady Caswell
Warren Stevens
Barry Green
Michael Forest

Harvey Hart