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Tall Story (1960)

Tall Story is dated, but deliciously so. June Ryder (Jane Fonda in her film debut) is a new student at Custer – a Californian college which is renowned for its basketball team – although it also has a high academic standing that rivals the more famous colleges on the west coast.

June’s primary reason for being there is to become a “Mrs” – specifically Mrs Ray Blent.

Ray (Anthony Perkins) is a science major and the star player on the basketball team – although he isn’t a naturally gifted player.

In fact, Ray uses science to figure out how to play the perfect game and his interest in the game generally is just a byproduct of his primary interest in the sciences.

June, meanwhile, is a single-minded husband-hunter.

Ray eventually proposes to June, but their future happiness is threatened due to a lack of money. Then Ray is offered $4,000 to throw a basketball game against a team of Soviet All-stars touring the USA.

This was also the film debut of Van Williams and Robert Redford – both in uncredited bit parts.

Ray Blent
Anthony Perkins
June Ryder
Jane Fonda
Prof. Leo Sullivan
Ray Walston
Prof. Charles Osman
Marc Connelly
Myra Sullivan
Anne Jackson
Coach Sandy Hardy
Murray Hamilton
President Harmon Nagel
Bob Wright
District Attorney Davis
Bart Burns
1st Detective
Karl Lukas
Elizabeth Patterson
Fred Jensen
Tom Laughlin
Frieda Jensen
Barbara Darrow

Joshua Logan