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Terrornauts, The (1967)

Dr Joe Burke (Simon Oates) is in charge of a scientific project in England that listens out for alien signals and signs of extraterrestrial life in the great void of space.

His team consists of electronics expert Ben Keller (Stanley Meadows) and office manager Sandy Lund (Zena Marshall).

They haven’t had much luck in their search for alien signals and are frequently annoyed by their penny-pinching manager, Dr Henry Shore (Max Adrian), who wants to shut the operation down if they don’t get any results – and he’s even brought in a fussy accountant named Mr Yellowlees (Charles Hawtrey) to look over the books and make sure they aren’t wasting any money.

Dr Burke’s team unexpectedly receives a signal from an asteroid and are beamed up to a spacecraft in their transmitter shed. Joining them for this unexpected ride in outer space are Mr Yellowlees and the tea lady, Mrs Jones (Patricia Hayes).

The Terrornauts has a reputation as a famously bad Amicus film and is often compared to the films of Ed Wood.

Dr Joe Burke
Simon Oates
Sandy Lund
Zena Marshall
Mr Joshua Yellowlees
Charles Hawtrey
Mrs Jones
Patricia Hayes
Ben Keller
Stanley Meadows
Dr Henry Shore
Max Adrian
Burke as a child
Frank Barry
Richard Carpenter
Leonard Cracknell
André Maranne
Frank Forsyth
Robot Operator
Robert Jewell

Montgomery Tully