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That Kind of Girl (1963)

In 1960s London, beautiful and free-spirited Austrian au pair Eva (Margaret Rose Keil) finds herself wrestling with the affections of earnest peace-protestor Max (Frank Jarvis), nice-but-dim posh boy Keith (David Weston) – who is temporarily estranged from his fiancée Janet (Linda Marlowe) – and roguish older playboy, Elliot (Peter Burton).

But fun and freedom turn to shame and despair when she finds that her naivety has put the health of her lovers, and their partners – including the well-meaning Janet – at risk.

When Eva is assaulted in the street and examined by a humourless police doctor (John Wood), he informs her she has syphilis and insists she sends registered letters to all her sexual contacts to warn them – but she doesn’t know Keith’s last name.

Meanwhile, Keith reconciles with Janet and has made her pregnant before he receives the bad news and has to tell Janet that she (and the unborn baby) might be infected.

Shot in crisp black and white, and set against a backdrop of smoky jazz clubs, ‘Ban the Bomb’ marches, and 60s London locations, this cautionary tale about the dangers of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) was the directorial debut of Gerry O’Hara.

The film was retitled Teenage Tramp in the US. Very subtle . . .

Eva Koenig
Margaret Rose Keil
Janet Bates
Linda Marlowe
Keith Murray
David Weston
Elliot Collier
Peter Burton
Frank Jarvis
Mr Millar
David Davenport
Max Faulkner
Charles Houston
Mrs Millar
Sylvia Kay
Patricia Mort
Stephen Stocker
John Wood
Martin Wyldeck

Gerry O’Hara