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That Touch Of Mink (1962)

Doris Day is Cathy Timberlake, the proper young lady living off her unemployment cheques and the largesse of her wisecracking roommate (Audrey Meadows), an automat employee.

One rainy day, Cathy is splashed by the limousine belonging to successful businessman and wolf Philip Shayne (Cary Grant).

Stung by Shayne’s manner of handling the incident – sending an assistant to apologise and make amends – and prodded by her roommate, Cathy storms into the magnate’s office, only to be charmed by the man she has come to chastise.

She stays to give Shayne’s board of directors some sound business advice.

Shayne immediately takes her along to counsel him on other deals in Baltimore and Philadelphia. Then she accompanies him on a speaking mission to the United Nations and a night on the town.

Next thing she knows she is on a plane for Bermuda with a bountiful wardrobe, including a mink-lined coat. Cathy reacts badly to the situation (a result of her scrupulous Upper Sandusky upbringing) and Shayne finds his plans for the weekend stymied.


Later, experiencing remorse for her lack of sophistication, Cathy resolves to make another Bermuda excursion with Shayne and overcome her inhibitions through the use of strong drink. The results are equally unsuccessful from Shayne’s viewpoint and the affair seems concluded.

At this point, Cathy must try the old jealousy plot. She sets out for a sleazy motel with a lecherous clerk at the unemployment office, making sure that Shayne knows of her plans.

As she had hoped, he follows to break up the tryst and to do the honourable thing by her. It’s a mad and frequently merry chase.

Doris Day makes a vivacious heroine, clowning in crisp yet feminine style. Hers is the dominant role, although Grant carries on in his suave and experienced manner.

Gig Young plays the comic lush (again) and is involved as Grant’s well-paid errand boy, rebellious but acquiescent, drowning his frustrations in liquor.


Cary Grant
Doris Day
Gig Young
Audrey Meadows
Mickey Mantle
Roger Maris
Yogi Berra

Delbert Mann