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Bulldog Breed, The (1960)

Trying to change his life by joining the navy, well-meaning but clumsy grocer’s assistant Norman Puckle (Wisdom) is chosen to be the first test subject for a planned rocket launch.

The Cockney comic has to go through all sorts of tests, and people begin to wonder if he has the “right stuff” for the job.

Puckle is eventually court-martialled but successfully pleads for a final chance to prove himself. By accident, he takes the place of an astronaut and leaves Earth in the rocket. Equally by accident, he manages to return.

He crash-lands on a Pacific island and ends up in the arms of a compliant local maiden.

Future British film stars Michael Caine and Oliver Reed share a scene together with Wisdom when Norman gets into a fight with a gang of Teddy Boys in a cinema lobby.

Future Coronation Street actors Johnny Briggs and William Roache also had small roles.

Norman Puckle
Norman Wisdom 
Marlene Barlow

Penny Morrell 
Admiral Sir Bryanston Blyth

Ian Hunter 
Chief Petty Officer Knowles

David Lodge 
Commander Clayton

Robert Urquhart 
Mr Philpots

Edward Chapman
Petty Officer Filkins

Eddie Byrne
Diving Instructor
Peter Jones 
Prosecuting Counsel
John Le Mesurier 
Defending Counsel

Terence Alexander 
Streaky Hopkinson

Harold Goodwin
Brian Oulton
Johnny Nolan

Johnny Briggs 
Mr Carruthers

Frank Williams
NAAFI girl

Liz Fraser 

Claire Gordon
WRN Smith

Julie Shearing
Sheila Hancock

Michael Caine
Teddy Boy 

Oliver Reed

Robert Asher