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Wrong Box, The (1966)

Bryan Forbes’ large-screen colour venture into the realms of black comedy is a story set in the Victorian era about two rival brothers (Ralph Richardson and John Mills) and their beneficiaries fighting it out to the death for the sake of the lottery fortune dangled between them.

Helping the irascible, poverty-stricken Masterman Finsbury (Mills) is his shy grandson Michael (Michael Caine).

Opposing them are his eccentric younger brother, Joseph Finsbury (Richardson), and a pair of greedy nephews, Morris (Peter Cook) and John (Dudley Moore).

Julia (Nanette Newman) is in love with Michael, and unbeknown to her, he also adores her.


Morris and John believe that Joseph is killed in a train crash and not wanting the authorities to find out, they ship home what they believe to be their uncle’s body – and hence Michael finds a coffin containing a perfect stranger on his doorstep.

Before you can shout ‘fratricide’, the landscape is cluttered with corpses, a bumbling detective (Tony Hancock) and a mad surgeon (Peter Sellers).

Based on a story by Robert Louis Stevenson, the film is rife with plots, counter-plots, mix-ups and a wild chase with lots of character cameos, gags, jokes and slapstick sequences amusingly tied together.

wrongbox_007Masterman Finsbury
John Mills
Joseph Finsbury

Ralph Richardson
Michael Finsbury

Michael Caine
Morris Finsbury

Peter Cook
John Finsbury

Dudley Moore
Julia Finsbury

Nanette Newman

Tony Hancock
Doctor Pratt

Peter Sellers
Brian Allen Harvey

Jeremy Lloyd
Sydney Whitcombe Sykes

James Villiers
Ian Scott Fife

Graham Stark
Alan Frazer Scrope

Nicholas Parsons

Wilfrid Lawson
Mrs. Hackett

Irene Handl
Dr. Slattery

John Le Mesurier
Vyvyan Alistair Montague

Leonard Rossiter
Queen Victoria

Avis Bunnage
Military Officer

Peter Graves
Engine Driver

John Junkin

Bryan Forbes