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Because They’re Young (1960)

The theme tune of this movie is simply magnificent, played by twangy-guitar ace Duane Eddy, and it rightly outlived this little Columbia teenage angst flick.

A cameo was written into the film for Eddy, but he’s most prominent miming the melody of this otherwise string-drenched tune solely on the bass strings of his guitar in an assembly hall populated by cavorting teenagers.

The film was given street credibility by the starring presence of American Bandstand host (and teen idol) Dick Clark as the new ex-football star high school teacher in town, who is still haunted by a tragic event in his past. Unfortunately, Clark proved to be no thespian.

At the helm was superior cult director Paul Wendkos, perhaps best-remembered for Gidget (1959).

The film is based on a paperback bestseller of its day called Harrison High by John Farris, and the student cast is a teen dream: here’s Tuesday Weld and James Darren (who also recorded the theme song), plus Cat Ballou‘s Michael Callan and Warren Berlinger, who starred in How to Succeed in Business in London’s West End.

Very much of its time. Dig it for the fashions.

Neil Hendry
Dick Clark
Griff Rimer
Michael Callan
Anne Gregor
Tuesday Weld
Joanne Dietrich
Victoria Shaw
Richelle ‘Ricky’ Summers
Roberta Shore
Buddy McCalla
Warren Berlinger
Jim Trent
Doug McClure
Frances McCalla
Linda Watkins
Duane Eddy

Paul Wendkos