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Third Secret, The (1964)

Irish actor Stephen Boyd gives an over-the-top performance as an American television commentator named Alex Stedman who’s living and working in Britain.

When Alex gets word that his psychiatrist, Dr Whitset (Peter Copley) has committed suicide he begins to unravel, but he puts his emotions on hold after Catherine (Pamela Franklin), the 14-year-old daughter of the dead doctor begs him to help solve the mystery of her father’s death.

Catherine Whitset doesn’t believe that her father committed suicide and she’s determined to find out who murdered him in order to honour his memory and claim her inheritance. Together the two embark on a dark journey that will invade the private lives of the doctor’s disturbed patients.

The film features many critically acclaimed British actors including Richard Attenborough and Jack Hawkins. Attenborough is especially memorable as troubled art dealer Alfred Price-Gorham and his secretary is played by a young Judi Dench in her movie debut.

Diane Cilento is also wonderful as Anne Tanner, a tormented woman who Alex Stedman carelessly uses in his quest to get at the truth of his doctor’s untimely death.

By the way, the first secret is what we don’t tell other people; the second secret is what we don’t tell ourselves; and the third secret is the truth.

Alex Stedman
Stephen Boyd
Sir Frederick Belline
Jack Hawkins
Alfred Price-Gorham
Richard Attenborough
Anne Tanner
Diane Cilento
Catherine Whitset
Pamela Franklin
Dr Milton Gillen
Paul Rogers
Alden Hoving
Alan Webb
Mildred Hoving
Rachel Kempson
Lawrence Jacks
Peter Sallis
Mrs Pelton
Patience Collier
Mrs Bales
Freda Jackson
Miss Humphries
Judi Dench
Dr Leo Whitset
Peter Copley
Lew Harding
Nigel Davenport
Dermot McHenry
Charles Lloyd Pack

Charles Crichton