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Three In The Attic (1968)

When Tobey (Yvette Mimieux), Eulice (Judy Pace) and Jan (Maggie Thrett) discover they have been seeing the same man – self-confessed womaniser Paxton Quigley (Christopher Jones) –  they decide to take revenge.

Tying him up in the attic, the three women try to kill him with constant sex. What a way to go.

Considering this film was made by a veteran director who had worked on Orson Welles’s early classics and who made the cracking Al Capone (1959), this Swinging Sixties wish-fulfilment fantasy may come as something of a letdown.

The rare soundtrack features Chad and Jeremy.

Paxton Quigley
Christopher Jones
Tobey Clinton
Yvette Mimieux
Judy Pace
Maggie Thrett
Dean Nazarin
Nan Martin

Richard Wilson