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Three Bites of the Apple (1966)

David McCallum took time off from his hit TV series The Man from UNCLE to star in this travelogue comedy set on the Riviera.

McCallum plays Stanley Thrumm, an English travel courier whose life is changed one night when he goes to a Monte Carlo casino in search of an American who has strayed from his tour. Cajoled into gambling, McCallum hits a winning streak and makes a small fortune.

He is observed by the sexy Carla Moretti (Sylva Koscina), who contrives to meet him and then connives with her ex-husband, Remo Romano (Domenico Modugno), to fleece the Englishman of his winnings.

Her conscience gets the better of her and she returns the money when he is fired.

Good scenery but the lacklustre script wastes the on-screen talent.


Stanley Thrumm
David McCallum
Carla Moretti
Sylva Koscina
Miss Angela Sparrow
Tammy Grimes
Remo Romano
Domenico Modugno
Harvey Tomlinson
Harvey Korman
Gladys Tomlinson
Avril Angers
Dr Manzoni
Aldo Fabrizi
Francesca Bianchini
Mirella Maravidi
Teddy Farnum
Claude Alliotti
Peg Farnum
Alison Frazer
Gussie Hagstrom
Freda Bamford
Bernhard Hagstrom
Cardew Robinson
Winifred Batterly
Ann Lancaster
Joe Batterly
John Sharpe
Alfred Guffy
Arthur Hewlett
Birdie Guffy
Maureen Pryor
Riccardo Garrone
The Yodeller
Edra Gale

Alvin Ganzer