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Three Hats for Lisa (1966)

Three young Cockneys – Johnny Howjego (pop star Joe Brown), Flora (the wonderful Una Stubbs) and Sammy (Dave Nelson) – take a day off work to meet beautiful Continental movie star Lisa Milan (Sophie Hardy) at Heathrow airport.

She joins them and their taxi driver, Sid (Sidney James) for 24 hours around London while she collects some typically British hats – a bowler hat, a Guard’s busby, and a bobby’s helmet.

The main rule of the game is to steal a hat from its wearer, so the film is a musical chase around Swinging Sixties London, evading the press and police.

It’s an entertaining and whimsical little romp and a nostalgic look back to 60s London, with loads of the filming taking place on location outdoors throughout the city.

Oddly, Lisa’s character is meant to be Italian but no effort is made to alter Sophie Hardy’s strong French accent.

Johnny Howjego
Joe Brown
Lisa Milan
Sophie Hardy
Sid Marks
Sidney James
Una Stubbs
Dave Nelson
Peter Bowles
Signor Molfino
Seymour Green
Miss Penny
Josephine Blake
Guards Officer
Jeremy Lloyd
Police Sergeant
Michael Brennan
Station Sergeant
Eric Barker
Cinema Caretaker
Howard Douglas
Dickie Owen
Truck Driver
Norman Mitchell
Hilton Doorman
Arnold Bell

Sidney Hayers