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Tickle Me (1965)

Judging by the improbable situation and silly set pieces, it is unsurprising to discover that a pair of ex-Three Stooges writers scripted this unengaging Elvis Presley vehicle.

Ex-rodeo rider Lonnie Beale (Elvis) falls in love when he gets a job in a dude ranch-cum-exclusive health spa (for women only, of course), and becomes involved in a hunt for hidden treasure in a ghost town.

Presley is paired with comedy sidekick Stanley (Jack Mullaney) and struts his stuff around studio sets, is adored by the females, and gives the impression that he could do this kind of thing in his sleep – as indeed he may have been on this evidence.

Elvis is watchable (just), but it’s one for fans of the King only.


Lonnie Beale
Elvis Presley
Pam Merritt
Jocelyn Lane
Vera Radford
Julie Adams
Stanley Potter
Jack Mullaney
Estelle Penfield
Merry Anders
Connie Gilchrist
Brad Bentley
Edward Faulkner
Deputy Sturdivant
Bill Williams

Norman Taurog