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Trip, The (1967)

A TV director facing the end of his career (Peter Fonda) decides to try LSD in an attempt to get his creative juices flowing but is not prepared for the terrifying hallucinations that assail his consciousness.

“Feel Purple, Taste Green” screamed the posters for cult director Roger Corman’s highly controversial drugs epic in which hippie Bruce Dern guides Fonda through his first LSD acid trip.

After scoring from Dennis Hopper (who else?) it’s back to a luxury LA pad where Fonda digs an orange’s aura, experiences good and bad vibes, has psychedelic visions of sex, death and dancing girls, grooves to washing machines in a laundromat and wanders through sets left over from Corman’s own Edgar Allen Poe movies.

Part exploitation flick, part non-preachy message picture, this fractured love-in, scripted by Jack Nicholson and told almost entirely through rapid-fire visuals, is a fascinating period piece.

Even with seasoned trippers like Hopper, Fonda and Nicholson involved, director Roger Corman still took his own trips to find out what it was all about.

thetrip1UK censors only passed the film for exhibition in 2002.

Paul Groves
Peter Fonda
Sally Groves
Susan Strasberg
Bruce Dern
Dennis Hopper
Salli Sachse
Katherine Walsh
Barboura Morris
Caren Bernsen
Dick Miller

Roger Corman