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Trouble With Girls, The (1969)

It’s 1927, and Elvis Presley brings his mobile “Chautauqua” carnival show (an entertainment born out of the popular adult educational movement of the previous century), to Iowa, where he battles with Marilyn Mason as she tries to organise a performers’ union.

This love/hate scenario is disrupted when the local chemist is found dead, and Elvis has to persuade the murderer to confess on stage.

The supporting cast includes Vincent Price and John Carradine, but the result is really only notable for Elvis’s lack of screen time and the standout track, Clean Up Your Own Backyard.

Walter Hale
Elvis Presley
Marilyn Mason
Nicole Jaffe
Nita Bix
Sheree North
Edward Andrews
Mr Drewcolt
John Carradine
Anissa Jones
Mr Morality
Vincent Price
Joyce Van Patten
Pepe Brown
Harrison Wilby
Dabney Coleman

Peter Tewksbury