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Two for the Road (1967)

Architect Mark Wallace (Albert Finney) and his wife Joanna (Audrey Hepburn) are driving to the home of a wealthy and demanding client in the south of France.

As they snap at each other in long-fermenting annoyance, visions of earlier trips come into their minds, and before they reach their destination four former journeys – in various types of vehicles, progressing from an old station wagon to a $20,000 limousine – and 12 years of marriage have been reviewed.

It’s a typically light-hearted comedy/drama of the era with no laugh-out-loud moments but plenty to smile about. It’s also very easy on the eye with bright and bold European scenery, and Hepburn is stunningly attractive.

But all the flashbacks and almost random scene jumping are confusing, done more for artistic effect than for the benefit of storytelling. Neither of the lead characters seems particularly likeable either, so you don’t ultimately care if their marriage survives or fails.

It would be reasonable to expect more from a film starring Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney, and directed by Stanley Donen.

The score is by Henry Mancini.

Joanna Wallace
Audrey Hepburn
Mark Wallace
Albert Finney
Cathy Manchester
Eleanor Bron
Howard Manchester
William Daniels
Ruth Manchester
Gabrielle Middleton
Maurice Dalbret
Claude Dauphin
Francoise Dalbret
Nadia Gray
Georges Descrières
Jacqueline Bisset
Judy Cornwell
Yvonne de Florac
Irène Hilda
Dominique Joos

Stanley Donen