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Two on a Guillotine (1965)

Cassie Duquesne (Connie Stevens) returns to Los Angeles to attend the funeral of her estranged father, ‘Duke’ Duquesne (Cesar Romero) – an eccentric magician.

Duke had sent Cassie away to live with her aunt in Wisconsin 20 years ago, when she was two-years-old.


Following the funeral, Cassie learns that her father has left a rather odd will. She will inherit his estate on the condition that she stays alone in his creepy palatial mansion for seven nights in a row.

Reporter Val Henderson (Dean Jones) smells a story and befriends the easily-spooked girl.

Connie Stevens is terrific in dual roles of mother and daughter.

Cassie/Melinda Duquesne
Connie Stevens
Val Henderson
Dean Jones
John Harley ‘Duke’ Duquesne
Cesar Romero
Jules ‘Buzzy’ Sheridan
Parley Baer
Dolly Bast
Virginia Gregg
Ramona Ryerdon
Connie Gilchrist
Attorney Carl Vickers
John Hoyt
Mr. Carmichael
Russell Thorson

William Conrad