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Two Way Stretch (1960)

Convicts Dodger (Peter Sellers), Jelly (David Lodge) and Lennie (Bernard Cribbins), along with fake vicar Soapy Stevens (Wilfrid Hyde-White), come up with a perfect jewel heist.

The idea is that the convicts escape from HM Prison Huntleigh, effect their robbery, then return to the prison on an iron-clad alibi. Unfortunately, tough new warden Sidney Crout (Lionel Jeffries) throws a spanner in the works.

A simple plot is used to maximum effect in this quaint British caper comedy.

Dodger Lane
Peter Sellers
Lennie Price
Bernard Cribbins
Jelly Knight
David Lodge
Soapy Stevens/Rev Basil Fowler
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Miss Pringle
Beryl Reid
Commander Horatio Bennett RN
Maurice Denham
Mrs Price
Irene Handl
Chief Police Officer Sidney Crout
Lionel Jeffries
Liz Fraser
Reverend Patterson
Walter Hudd
Chief Police Officer Jenkins
George Woodbridge
Miss Prescott
Noël Hood
Mario Fabrizi
Colonel Parkright
Thorley Walters
Miss Meakin
Myrette Morven
Warder Charlie
Edwin Brown
Arthur Mullard
Fred’s wife
Vivienne Martin

Robert Day