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Venetian Affair, The (1966)

Former CIA man, Bill Fenner (Robert Vaughn), now a downbeat, alcoholic journalist, is sent to Venice to investigate the shock suicide bombing by an American diplomat at a peace conference.

This was the last film Boris Karloff did that was unrelated to the horror genre.


Bill Fenner
Robert Vaughn
Sandra Fane
Elke Sommer
Claire Connor
Felicia Farr
Robert Wahl
Karl Boehm
Giulia Almeranti
Luciana Paluzzi
Dr Pierre Vaugiroud
Boris Karloff
Mike Ballard
Roger C. Carmel
Frank Rosenfeld
Edward Asner
Jan Aarvan
Joe De Santis
Fabrizio Mioni
Neill Carlson
Wesley Lau
Bill Weiss

Jerry Thorpe