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Vixen! (1968)

Vixen (Erica Gavin) lives in a Canadian mountain resort with her naive bush pilot husband, Tom (Garth Pillsbury).

While he’s away flying in tourists, she gets it on with practically everybody including husband and his wife Dave (Robert Aiken) and Janet (Vincene Wallace) – for whom she performs a seductive fish dance, putting a big fish down her blouse and in her mouth! – and even her biker brother, Jud (Jon Evans). She will basically shag anything that moves to satisfy her enormous appetite.


Her black American draft-dodger friend (Harrison Page) wants to go to Cuba but rejects communism in the end.

Vixen Palmer
Erica Gavin
Harrison Page
Tom Palmer
Garth Pillsbury
Michael Donovan O’Donnell
Janet King
Vincene Wallace
Jon Evans
Dave King
Robert Aiken
Peter Carpenter

Russ Meyer