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Wanda, The Sadistic Hypnotist (1969)

Following a car crash, the semi-conscious Sylvester (Richard Compton) is kidnapped by Wanda (Katharine Shubeck) – a tall woman with a fashion-model body, heavy eye makeup, and a riding crop – and her girlfriend, Greta (Janine Sweet).

They tie the mild-mannered Sylvester up in their bed where Wanda hypnotises him and has him whipped.

She then hypnotises one of her women – the lesbian Zelda – to rape him. Greta then rapes him herself until her jealous lover Wanda catches her.

Women swim naked in Wanda’s LA pool; people are whipped (not realistically), and she hypnotises a door-to-door saleslady into thinking she’s a go-go dancer.

A laughing “mentally demented” maniac breaks in and he and Sylvester smoke pot and pass around Wanda’s secret LSD stash, which is followed by a trip sequence – replete with body paint, sitar music, peace symbols, wildly undulating nude girls and a wobbly camera.

All the while, this silly (narrated) movie is being watched by one lone guy in a grindhouse cinema (director Greg Corarito), who started out by imagining nudes in a shop window then watching a nudist short.

Finally, the maniac is returned to the loony bin, Sylvester is hypnotised into forgetting everything and returned to his repaired car. Our moviegoer leaves the cinema, gets in his car, runs over nails set by Wanda and is kidnapped just like Sylvester was . . .

The garage rock music is by a band called The Masochists.

Katharine Shubeck
Richard Compton (as Dick Dangerfield)
Janine Sweet
Movie Patron
Greg Corarito

Greg Corarito