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Watch Your Stern (1960)

Bumbling Seaman Blissworth (Kenneth Connor) accidentally destroys the top-secret wiring plans for the new experimental Acoustic Torpedo Mk2 (codenamed “The Creeper”) and spends the rest of the film trying to cover up the fact, donning several disguises to get his hands on the only other copy before the Admiral (Noel Purcell) arrives to visit HMS Terrier and view the plans.

Matters are further complicated when Blissworth becomes involved with Agatha Potter (Hattie Jacques), a female scientist from the Admiralty, and discovers a fault in the wiring of the torpedo.

Firing day arrives and everything dissolves into one big explosion of laughter as ‘The Creeper’ runs wild and scares the bellbottoms off the Navy.

With Kenneth Connor, Hattie Jacques, Joan Sims and Sid James starring, Gerald Thomas directing, and Peter Rogers producing it can’t help feeling like an early Carry On film (without the innuendo).

Future Love Thy Neighbour star Jack Smethurst has a small part as a sailor.

Ordinary Seaman Blissworth
Kenneth Connor
Capt. David Foster
Eric Barker
Lt. Cmdr. Bill Fanshawe
Leslie Phillips
Ann Foster
Joan Sims
Admiral Sir Humphrey Pettigrew
Noel Purcell
Agatha Potter
Hattie Jacques
Civilian Electrician #1 (Ranjid) 
Spike Milligan
Civilian Electrician #2
Eric Sykes
Chief Petty Officer Mundy
Sidney James
Security Sergeant
David Lodge
Sailor fishing for bike
Victor Maddern
Cmdr. Phillips
Ed Devereaux
Flag Lieutenant
Robin Ray
Admiral’s Secretary
Peter Howell
Arch Taylor
WREN Driver
Leila Williams

Gerald Thomas