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We Joined the Navy (1962)

Kenneth More plays Royal Navy officer Lieutenant Commander ‘Bodger’ Badger – a likeable officer who is just too honest with his opinions.

When his latest feelings about the Royal Navy’s incompetence becomes national news, Bodger is posted to an American ship accompanied by a trio of hapless British cadet midshipmen (Derek Fowlds, Dinsdale Landen and Jeremy Lloyd) from Dartmouth training College.

Watch out for some brief cameos by Sid James, Warren Mitchell, Rodney Bewes, Michael Bentine, Brian Wilde and Dirk Bogarde as Doctor Simon Sparrow, the same character he played in the Doctor series of films.

Lt. Commander Robert “Bodger” Badger
Kenneth More
Vice Admiral “Tiger” Ryan
Lloyd Nolan
Lt. Carol Blair
Joan O’Brien
Mischa Auer
Midshipman Dewberry 
Jeremy Lloyd
Midshipman Bowles
Dinsdale Landen
Midshipman Carson
Derek Fowlds
Denise Warren
George Dewberry Sr.
John Le Mesurier
Mrs Cynthia Dewberry
Lally Bowers
Admiral Blake
Laurence Naismith
Admiral Filmer
Andrew Cruickshank
Admiral Thomas
Walter Fitzgerald
Rear Admiral
John Phillips
Commander R.N.
Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Wendy Toye