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Any Wednesday (1966)

Slick business tycoon John Cleves (Jason Robards) is a normal, well-behaved husband and father . . . on every day of the week except Wednesday.

On any Wednesday, he can be found cuddling up with Ellen Gordon (Jane Fonda) in what she calls “her apartment” and what tax-conscious John calls his company’s executive suite.


It’s a cosy arrangement until one week, Cass Henderson (Dean Jones) – a visiting businessman from Akron – shows up, having been accidentally assigned to the “executive suite.”

Any Wednesday came to the screen from the 983-performance stage hit with an expert cast (including Rosemary Murphy recreating her Tony-nominated Broadway performance as the shrewd Mrs Cleves) and an unbeatable look that only Manhattan location filming brings.

Released as Bachelor Girl Apartment in some markets.

Ellen Gordon
Jane Fonda
John Cleves
Jason Robards
Cass Henderson
Dean Jones
Dorothy Cleves
Rosemary Murphy
Miss Linsley
Ann Prentiss
Jack Fletcher

Robert Ellis Miller