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Weekend with Lulu, A (1961)

Cheeky chappy ice cream man Fred Scrutton (Bob Monkhouse) chauffeurs his friend Tim (Leslie Phillips) and his sexy fiancée Deirdre (Shirley Eaton) on a caravan holiday to the seaside (Lulu is the name of the caravan).

Unfortunately for the love-struck couple, Deirdre’s Mum Flo (Irene Handl) invites herself and her pet dog, Gaylord, along for the ride.

Through a series of misfortunes, they end up in France where Ted Lloyd’s screenplay has a field day poking fun at the French, who are personified by a randy count (Alfred Marks) and buffoonish policemen.

They end up having to dodge the police, stealing to get petrol and interrupting the Tour de France.

A great Carry On style comedy from Hammer, usually more renowned for their horror films.

Fred Scrutton
Bob Monkhouse
Timothy Gray
Leslie Phillips
Deirdre Proudfoot
Shirley Eaton
Florence Proudfoot
Irene Handl
Comte de Grenoble
Alfred Marks
Café Patron
Sidney James
British Tourist
Kenneth Connor
Sydney Tafler
Inspector Larue
Eugene Deckers
Graham Stark
Postman Léon
Tutte Lemkow
Mme. Bon-Bon
Judith Furse
Bar Patron
Denis Shaw
Flying Corsican
Stuart Hillier
Lodge Keeper
Andreas Malandrinos

John Paddy Carstairs