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What a Carve Up! (1961)

Timid Ernie Broughton (Kenneth Connor) – a proofreader of horror paperbacks – and his best pal, bookie Syd Butler (Sidney James) travel to Blackshaw Towers – the isolated Yorkshire mansion of Ernie’s recently departed Uncle Gabriel (Philip O’Flynn).

They meet the various eccentric members of the Broughton family who have all convened for the reading of the will.

As a thunderstorm rages outside, trapping the beneficiaries in the eerie mansion on the moors for the night. The lights go out and the phone is cut off, there are paintings with the eyes cut out, and even a pipe organ for menacing music (and Chopsticks). Gradually, someone begins to bump off the visitors in a variety of gruesome ways.

Sid James and Kenneth Connor are at the top of their game and play each other off perfectly, while the stellar supporting cast includes Donald Pleasence, Michael Gough, Esma Cannon, Shirley Eaton and Dennis Price.

Popstar Adam Faith makes a surprise cameo appearance at the end of the film.

Released in some markets as No Place Like Homicide! this is an undervalued masterpiece of early British comedy.

Syd Butler
Sidney James
Ernie Broughton
Kenneth Connor
Linda Dickson
Shirley Eaton
Guy Broughton
Dennis Price
Everett Sloane
Donald Pleasence
Fisk the Butler
Michael Gough
Aunt Emily
Esma Cannon
Malcolm Broughton
Michael Gwynn
Janet Broughton
Valerie Taylor
Arkwright/Gabriel Broughton
Philip O’Flynn
Dr Edward Broughton
George Woodbridge
Hearse Driver
Frederick Piper
Timothy Bateson
Adam Faith

Pat Jackson