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What’s Good For The Goose (1969)

Norman Wisdom takes an unusually risqué approach to humour here as meek assistant bank manager Timothy Bartlett, who leads a humdrum existence commuting between work and his wife, Margaret (Sally Basely).

But his safe little life gets an unexpected shake-up when he leaves home to attend a banker’s conference at the seaside town of Southport and picks up a couple of hitch-hikers, Nikki (the scrumptious Sally Geeson) and Meg (Sarah Atkinson).

Timothy falls for swinging hippie chick Nikki and goes out of his way to impress both her and her friends, trying to join the in-crowd at the nearby Screaming Apple discotheque as they groove to the strains of The Pretty Things.

Southport is Timothy’s undoing, though, as he swaps his pinstripe suit for some fab “gear” and joined his young friends in an orgy of pleasure-seeking. In frustration, he makes a phone call home and his wife joins him for the remainder of his trip.

As well as writing and starring in the film, Norman Wisdom also sings the title song. He was also an Associate Producer. What’s Good For The Goose effectively buried his film career and he didn’t grace the big screen until his supporting role in Double X some 23 years later – if anything an even worse film than this one.

Timothy Bartlett
Norman Wisdom
Margaret Bartlett

Sally Bazely

Sally Geeson

Sarah Atkinson
Bank Manager
Stuart Nichol
Derek Francis
Terence Alexander
Paul Whitsun-Jones
David Lodge
Karl Lanchbury
The Pretty Things

Menahem Golan